Hate HIIT? You'll Love These 7 Workouts


Sweating in a crowded HIIT training class is the most popular, scientific support for shorter, more intense exercise trends. But what if you really hate HIIT training? How to exercise muscles and burn fat effectively?

relax and sweat. (picture: fatamera / iStock / gettyimages)

6. Indoor cycling is a low impact sport, perfect for those who want to rest their knees from running or other high impact sports. It's also a perfect reason to enjoy your favorite music. If you like group classes, you will get extra rewards for exercising with others, which will increase your motivation. "

& quot; you'll get long-term, sustained aerobic exercise, which is great because you're using anaerobic and aerobic systems and getting motivation from people around you," says & quot; jaimi Jansen, a core certified personal trainer and founder in Santa Cruz. Now, most gyms offer special theme rotation courses, where you can enjoy playing your favorite boy band or rock music in the 1980s.

7. TRX

TRX hanging trainer is the main product of many gyms (and home gyms), because using your own weight will bring you fatal exercise when time is short. &"TRX may be the best fitness bag solution for a person to travel," says Chris hale, certified personal trainer wake up nutrition and training. &You can hang it on the doorframe inside, or on a tree outside the park, and then you can go. &It also increases your heart rate, which in turn increases your calorie consumption. &Using TRX training forces your body to work harder to stabilize your joints and torso, really helping to open and exercise muscles at a deeper level. &Since TRX allows complete freedom of movement, you can really do anything with it, from stable work to explosive plyometric practice.