Premiere: Kylie Lane shows her soul in audio and video for a second;


Take a look at the New Jersey - grown transplant to Los Angeles, "Carrie lane," and you'll see that she's a real pop star and model. In June, the singer just released her first EP, "California freak," and won a lot of attention with songs like "drowning" and "if I can't be with you." recently, "think about it." We are pleased to bring you the exclusive Premiere of the "think about it" special acoustic video shot at the 7th drumsciti rehearsal in Washington, D.C. Enjoy it. Don't forget to catch the California freak here! "For anyone, to think about it is to avoid a painful environment, it's a song," Carly explained in a recent Yahoo Music interview For some, it's about a person or a situation that's not good for them. It doesn't have to be material or alcohol; in this case, alcohol symbolizes my escape and how I try to escape the painful heartbreak by numbing myself to the people around me. "