Starbucks &; Unicorn Frappuccino & ා 038; other inferior drinks you can order


Last week, Starbucks was hyped by the media and social media. For better or worse, their limited edition Unicorn frappucino, also known as the melting push pops, swirled in a chaotic color, causing a serious impact. Haters and lovers flock to the bucks to take a selfie with their rainbow sauce. In the hype, some deny how unhealthy (and coffee free) the drink is. It has 410 calories and 59 grams of sugar, which is not good for diet. But let's be a real person. Before unicorn, there were a lot of wild drinks on the market.

here are 6 waist violators, you should avoid the plague!

Starbucks Mint White Chocolate Mocha: 470 calories, a large cup containing 54 grams of sugar

McDonald's hot chocolate: 540 calories, a large cup containing 68 grams of sugar

Baskin Robbins chocolate cookie dough shake: 1590 calories, a large cup containing 165 grams of sugar

Deng Colatta: 740 calories, 100g sugar in one medium