Six things that happened 10 years after high school


No matter who you are, high school is an interesting and embarrassing period for us. Have you ever lived like this in your teens (seriously, how did you do it?) Or you can't wait to leave that hell (that AAT will be me). One day, your past begins to torture you in the next wandering years, no matter what kind of person you were before. Ten years after graduating from high school, some strange things began to happen:

those who never spoke to you suddenly decided to come and say hello and pretend that you are an old friend. I had a lesson with a boy a few weeks ago, I said hello to Ian in the mall. It took me a while to remember his name. Although I think it's good for him to say hello (he even remembers me), I also think it's a little strange, because at that time he hardly spoke to me. The guy you never noticed turned out to be a great guy. I met my boyfriend in high school, but we didn't really talk about it until a few years ago. The way love works is crazy.

you find yourself in a completely different circle of friends, some of whom you didn't even know in high school.

those things you once wanted, you can't even imagine what you want now. My career goal has changed greatly since high school, and is getting better and better. Time makes it easier for you to find what you want.

you find yourself nostalgic for the past, but grateful for the end. Sometimes you will hear a song sung in high school, which will make you feel good back then. Although it may not be very good at that time, when you come back to reality, those days have passed, you will feel very free. You wake up and realize that it's been 10 years since high school! I felt that I was 18 years old and woke up at 28 o'clock the next morning. Time past quickly. Enjoy it, because you appreciate growing old and everything in the future