10 things you don't know about saving the last dance


It's hard to believe in teen drama, except for the last dance, which is 15 years old! Where did you go in those years? Although we are sure that you have been fascinated by Julia Stiles' dance movie since it was released in January 2001, you may not know a lot about it. In the past 15 years, this movie has deeply touched our hearts and cheered us up.

Julia Steeles is the only professional dancer trained in ballet and tap dancing. In Sarah's second July audition, Fatima Robinson, the choreographer of the movie, also worked with the Backstreet Boys. She did the same thing with her chair as in BSB's "as long as you love me" video. At the time of filming, Sean Patrick Thomas was 31 years old. This film is the first large film of Kerry Washington.

Julia Stiles doesn't want a duet in a hip-hop dance scene. Julia's table dance performance in 10 things I hate you won her the role of save the last dance. The box office of this film has exceeded US $131.7 million in the world.

rapper NAS got a role in the movie, but was rejected. The first dance practice of Derek and Sarah in the school canteen was completely improvised. In the first draft of the play, Sarah should have lived in Baltimore with her father after her mother died. At the time of filming, the locations were changed to lemon, Illinois and Chicago.