When I break up with a man I like very much


I broke up with a man for more than two weeks, and I think it might not be just a late summer carnival. He didn't know where he came from. At that time, I didn't want to make friends with him. Living in the age of social media, everything started from a hole I fell into instagram. I stumbled across his profile and began tracking him. I was surprised when he came back. Occasionally there are "likes" in each other's posts, but that's the truth. A few months later, I went to Facebook, and he suddenly appeared and became my recommended friend. I thought, "of course, why not." Then I sent a friend's request. The next day, he accepted my invitation and immediately sent me a message. Before we decided to meet for a drink, it turned into a few days of back and forth. I was a little nervous, but when we met face to face, it was completely cold. Of course, I'm a little shy, but it didn't take long for the atmosphere to get strong and we were happy to meet each other. Chemical reaction is undeniable, time flies, soon, we have to go our separate ways. We continue to talk through SMS and get together for coffee the next day. He looks like a dream, a person you don't think you can count on, but like everything in life, nothing is eternal. A few weeks later, we still met and kept in touch, but the more comfortable it was, the more I noticed the time interval between hearing or seeing him from him. The plan was made, but it was broken because of some other urgent things. I began to feel ignored, used, brushed off, and It's one-time. I always say, as long as things feel good, do it, but once it starts to make you feel bad, you should let some difficult decisions. Understandably, people will stay in a bad environment because there are very few people you really like. It's easy to turn a blind eye and make excuses for your bad behavior, because you want to believe that someone has your best interests in mind, but in fact, they rarely do so. So when I haven't seen him for more than a week and haven't heard from him for several days, I decided to call him and see what happened. Strange? Well, guess what happened After two phone calls, he sent me to voicemail. That night, I didn't leave a message or receive a text message or anything from him, saying, "I'm sorry, the time is not good." Or "call you later.". It was just a silence on the radio. The next day, I woke up and he was still silent, so I decided to do it. I felt rejected and cheated, so I wrote a message to him that I was finished and saved it in a draft folder until he contacted me again. I don't have to wait too long. That night, I received a message from him on Facebook that he was MIA Blah blah blah apologizes. In essence, he's telling me that in order for us to continue to meet, it's just a big fucking eye. I don't like people telling me what I can do and what I can't do, so I copy and paste my letter into the reply box, and then click "send". It's a long time, which explains my feelings, but in order not to let you know, the bottom line is that it's better not to talk or meet again. I don't appreciate the treatment he gave me, and I deserve more. I wish him all the best and tell him to be careful. I'm sure I won't hear from him again, but I'm wrong. He came back 180 degrees, apologized and told me how amazing I was. I found that in my own position, putting myself first, I have reversed the situation and is a control. He has been calling me, replying to my instagram live broadcast, telling me that he missed me very much, but in addition, he has not made any practical efforts to prove this. It's just another example where you suddenly want something because you can't have it. Siiigh..

I'm not saying that it's not so hard to resist the impulse to respond, but to remain strong and believe that my self-worth and the treatment I deserve enhance my self-confidence. I also have a great sense of relief. I don't know when I will see him again, and I don't worry about why I haven't heard from him. I like that I can put myself in the first place and guess what it is. Because of this, I have a little confidence that the right person will come to me to beg for love and bomb me so violently. I don't even know what hit me.

so for all of you, because you are afraid that no one else will come, you'd better be yourself and find the strength to fight for what you absolutely deserve, because you are worth it.