News: the rumors about Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson dating are hot again


Hey, Tuesday! We're past Monday's peak, so let's celebrate and see what shakin is on the world wide web! It seems that Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas may still be dating. The couple were found together one night in New York. If you're excited, Robert Pattinson and FKA may have their own twigs Sorry, children, the couple are still together.

Kylie Jenner showed her battle wounds on met Gala clothing. Wearing uncomfortable shoes, purple wounds on feet, and wounds on skirts Ouch! Beauty has never been so troublesome. When it comes to the metropolitan event, Gigi Hadid's manicure is worth $2000. Stop kidding.

Annnd… The first Promo of Bella Thorne's new play fame in love is out! Well, we're obsessed. V = 69bc7gjjf8 O type