#Why Jesse from Gilmore girl is still forever baby


Jesse Mariano, the bad boy, has been away from the TV set in "hollow star" and "Gilmore girl" for 10 years. We really have 10 years to overcome his baby. I mean, we've lived 3650 days. That's enough time to overcome his face, his atmosphere and his love, but guess what? Some things live forever! Here's Jess Mariano, played by Milo van timilla: 1. It's obvious that he's sexy. 2。 He wrote a book. 3。 His relationship with Rory is everything. 4。 He read a wide range of books. 5。 He denounced dean as a fool. 6。 He wore all the shit on that leather jacket. 7。 He said exactly the same thing. 8。 He'll call you shit.