The royal family's unexpected health habits - revealed!


Britain may not be the healthiest country in the world, but don't think royal family members are sitting there munching on bracelets, mashed potatoes, shepherd pie and Yorkshire pudding as if they were out of date. In fact, royalty are likely to eat healthier and exercise harder than most people. From the Duchess of Kate's obsession with raw food and Megan markel's obsession with boring training to Prince Philips's military training (he's almost 97, by the way), these Royal health habits will inspire you to improve your health and fitness games, which you can track on myplate. And they don't need a budget for the queen.

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1. Queen Elizabeth limits carbs, and the 91 year old is not afraid to eat them. She likes breakfast at tea time, English biscuits and finger sandwiches, and other starchy foods. However, she has a clever strategy to avoid overindulging in glutinous rice: she only likes potatoes, pasta and rice to eat with the company. When she eats alone, she insists on eating local protein, fruits and vegetables. Oh, yes, no matter who she eats with, her food includes a little wine.

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2. Kate Middleton's personal coach of raw food, the world's first-class chef and a beauty team that can make the first-class celebrities jealous. But in addition to maintaining a fairly strict diet, she is also involved in the trend of raw food. One day a week, she only eats lettuce, such as cut vegetables, watermelon salad, Spanish salad, wolfberry, tabler and almond milk. Raw food regimen will not only cut off the processed food that may lead to weight loss, but also be rich in healthy nutrients and water-soluble vitamins lost in the cooking process. Although it may be difficult and not necessarily the healthiest option to be born completely, you can still get a lot of benefits by adding more raw foods to your daily diet like Kate. Now listen to: Why do we feel so pressured by Americans' obsession with "happiness"? Megan markel has confused exercise with the former actress, who is one of the people who loves exercise, and is about to become a member of the royal family. " "My health, my mental state, how I feel after exercise; all of this drives me to the mat or to the gym," she told the British women's Health Association. Sometimes the idea of exercise sounds terrible, but I always remind myself how good I will feel in the future. It's so much fun! " One way to stay enthusiastic about exercise, Markle, is to keep it fun by mixing. Some of her compulsory courses include yoga, Pilates, running, group fitness courses, making fitness DVDs and working out with a personal trainer. Not only did she avoid boredom, but her varied daily activities helped her avoid falling into the fitness plateau.

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4. Prince Philip was in military training, and the Duke of Edinburgh was almost 97 years old, still a pillar of health. What's his secret? According to reports, he followed the 5bx program designed for recruits to the Royal Air Force of Canada. This exercise doesn't require any equipment, can be done anywhere, and uses basic exercises to strengthen every muscle in the body - stretching, sit ups, back stretches, push ups, and in situ running - all in an intensive 11 minute period. In addition, he maintains a comprehensive and healthy lifestyle, follows a low carbohydrate, Atkins style diet, drinks black coffee instead of tea, and rarely drinks alcohol. He also often walks, taking the stairs as much as possible. Prince Harry is no longer the most suitable Bachelor in the world, but he looks more handsome than ever. How does the prince keep healthy? A few years ago, the burly prince decided to give up dairy products "in pursuit of a perfect body," according to a report. (many people report higher energy levels and overall happiness when they don't eat dairy products.) In 2017, he revealed that he "doesn't even eat pizza anymore." Of course, he occasionally indulges himself - for example, he ate a deep pie in Chicago. As for fitness, he works out in the third space gym almost every day, and has high-intensity interval training in the fashionable London gym core group. Probably he learned something about training during the hard years of the British army. No pain, no gain!

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6. Prince Charles eating organic food is not fashionable for the future king of England. According to reports, the prince of Wales is fascinated by organic food and food from farm to table - for decades. A former royal chef claims that he "was organic before the invention of organic food." For example, he prefers to eat the prey and fish he and his son hunted, as well as the organic fruits and vegetables he harvested at his home in Gloucestershire. When he travels, he puts his home-made food in "stacks of refrigerators," even on official trips around the world. And, like his father, the successor's choice is the 5bx program. It's no secret that Sarah Ferguson stopped eating comfortably. Prince Andrew's ex-wife has been fighting physical self-confidence all her life. " "I used to be angry," Ferguson told Hello magazine about her weight swings. I believe I will never lose weight, I have lost control. I can't get in a single dress. A former weight watcher's spokesperson tried almost every diet in the sun until she realized that a comfortable diet had become a supplement. Once she can control it, she loses 55 pounds! According to the daily mail, this "right for her" food mix is strange - tomatoes, eggs, mayonnaise and hearts. What can satisfy you, right? Credit: Cooper Neil / Getty Images entertainment / Getty Images" "I get up at about 6:45 and start exercising at 7," she told Harper fair. I go to the park from seven to eight. I do cycles, I like them because they are fast: burp, squat jump, lunge, all... Or maybe my best friend and I went to a women's Gym called grace Belgravia. "She doesn't drink sugary drinks either - stick to green tea, coffee, diet coke and soda - that's a good thing, because they're the culprit for obesity. What do you think of Chris Jackson / Getty Images entertainment / Getty Images How do you think of the health habits of the royal family? Who surprised you the most? Would you try their diet or exercise? Please let us know in the comments!

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