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anyone shopping at Trader Joe's knows that this is a game changer. Their hallways are crammed with snacks, handy salad bags and other tasty items that can be put in your wallet. They also have delicious nutrition discoveries that can help you kill healthy eating games. But how do you know what to buy? To help, we called in top nutritionists and asked them to share their favorite 10 Trader Joe's choices. Happy shopping!

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1. Ancient cereal and super seed oatmeal lovers: we have winners! This businessman Joe's discovery includes not only the oatmeal we still like, but also the whole wheat oatmeal roll and quinoa and amaranth slices. " I love its texture and taste, and it's rich in whole grains and healthy fats, "said Amanda kilpeter, a registered diabetes educator. For those who want to save a little time in the morning... No plug-ins are required. Sunflowers, pumpkins, marijuana, flax and pomegranate seeds have been heavily invested. But before eating, please mix in fresh or dried fruit.

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2. Most of us lack omega-3 fatty acids. Make it easier to grab this frozen, separately distributed wild Alaskan salmon. " Omega 3 is good for our heart, brain and whole body! "But our bodies can't do that, so we have to eat it," said Rebecca scritchfield, RDN, ACSM HFS, author of the forthcoming book good in the body. "In addition, salmon is one of the few foods that contains vitamin D, a hormone that affects metabolism, mood, and other body functions." Don't know how to cook salmon? "I've used salmon in everything from fish tacos to salmon cakes (just replace crabs in your favorite crab cake recipe)," scritchfield offers some tips. Credit: Livestrong. Com

crispy salted peanut butter with flaxseed and caramel seed, can we all agree that peanut butter can make everything better? Now throw in some flax and flaxseed and you'll be better. For $2.99 per 16 ounce can, you really can't find a better price. The ingredients are simple: roasted peanuts, pomegranate seeds, flaxseed and sea salt. The addition of seeds increased the content of omega-3, providing 420 mg of α - linolenic acid at a time. It's a delicious, healthy and affordable product - a win-win situation. Don't eat it all at once (two tablespoons for one!)

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4. Garlic sauce and quinoa sauce

whether you are allergic to nuts, whether you need time, or just want to keep it simple in the kitchen, this sauce is suitable for you. " This is a good choice of garlic sauce, because quinoa can add a little texture to your pasta. Barbara ruhs, M.S., RDN, a nutrition consultant at the supermarket, said: "its calories and fat are similar to other pesto sauces, but it does not contain pine nuts." Garlic sauce can improve the quality of any meal, whether it's chicken, fish or salad. "It can also be put on a shelf, just opened and refrigerated so you can enjoy it at any time," Ruth said. Patricia Bannan, M.M., RDN, the author of "eating right when time is short", has one or two understandings about the health shortcut of kitchen. She said the delicious businessman Joe's discovery "is very suitable for adding delicious and convenient food to pasta, meatballs or vegetables." It has a very clean list of ingredients, including mashed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, spices (parsley, basil, oregano) and EVOO. "It's also cheap - $2.29 a can for 25 ounces." Green leafy vegetables, beans and cereals, well, they can't be sold by the title alone, but believe us: Qiao Shangren is not messing with this frozen food, it combines cabbage, beans, peanuts and coarse flour, which is really delicious. This spicy discovery is a perfect backup plan, when you work late or don't have time to pack lunch. This dish is light, so you need to pack a piece of fruit or salad. Or, throw in other cooked vegetables and enjoy!

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7. Freeze dried fruit

when you can't get some real fruit, this is the next best choice. Trader Joe's freeze-dried fruits - pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, banana, etc. - are great for when you go out. " Dehydrated fruit without added sugar is the perfect DIY trial mix, not the dried fruit. "They're also a great snack for travelling," said beryl Krinsky, a nutritionist and boss of B. komplete, a health company. Trader Joe's also sells dehydrated vegetables such as beets and broccoli, which can provide low calorie crispy food for salads and other dishes.

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8. The idea of Joe, a businessman, who is a goat cheese mince

. In the cheese section, the store offers goat cheese "badges" or "mutton," which are packaged separately and can be guessed from how much cheese you should eat. "Each is the perfect portion," said Althea zanecosky, a nutrition communications consultant and nutritionist. I use them in salads - it goes well with pistachios and dried cherries - and sometimes melts on a leftover pasta for lunch at my table. "You can also put cheese on a whole wheat biscuit or a bowl of soup, which will add flavor and maintain protein." Credit: Livestrong. Com

9. Super seed mix with cranberry and coconut slices

meet your new food room staple: Trader Joe's super seed mix is a nutritious mix of Jiaya seeds, buckwheat groin, dried cranberry, hemp seeds and coconut slices. Use it to add yogurt or oatmeal; the mixture adds a sweet, crisp and healthy omega-3 fatty acid. Two tablespoons of calories are only 100 calories, providing up to 5 grams of fiber and 1000 mg of ALA omega-3 fatty acids.

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10. We don't hate hummus, but sometimes you need to turn it up. " "Tahini sauce is a great breakthrough from chickpeas"Michelle Dudash, R & D, certified chef at cordenblue and founder of the clean food cooking school: Monthly meal planning becomes simple," said clay. It is made of ground sesame, garlic and other condiments. I like dipping vegetable sticks, like sugar peas, cucumbers and carrots, in tahini. It's also a good packing stand. "This businessman Joe's stuff can be found in the frozen hummus area (yes, if you buy one too!) What do you think of credit: Livestrong. Com

What do you think? Are you shopping in Trader Joe's? If so, what is your favorite product or shopping technique? Do you use anything included here? Is there anything you can't wait to try? Share your thoughts and thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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