10 simple ways to keep your life alive


You hear the advice again and again: stay in every moment of your life, let you cherish your existence more. But usually, it's easier said than done in "now". Everyone has obligations, to-do items, worries and worries, which will bring them from the world around them to the maze in their hearts. However, by learning some simple skills, you can get rid of your mind and return to your life. Here, experts share the simple changes you can make today so that you can live in the moment.

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1. Start paying attention to your breathing. Julianne Schroeder, a registered professional consultant, says structured breathing is a good way to guide yourself back to the present. She recommends the so-called 4x4 breath, a technique used by the seals, whenever you notice that you are lost in thought, anxiety, or just emotional discomfort. "

" inhale deeply - it's like blowing a balloon for four seconds, then exhale deeply with your nose or mouth for four seconds, "she said. Continue the cycle for one minute. " After that, you should feel calm, your muscles relax and your heart rate drops. With a clearer mind, it's easier to focus on what's in front of you.

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2. Incorporate little meditation into your day. Although we often associate meditation with a quiet room, alone, and perhaps chanting, in fact, you can meditate anywhere, anytime, to feel the present. " Stress expert Kathy gruver, the author of conquering stress, said: "my favorite on-the-spot practice is to focus on your breathing and chest ups and downs. When you think 'I am', when you think 'calm', when you think 'calm', if other ideas break in, they usually do this at first. You can do this at work, when you At home, on the way to work, at any time, as long as you feel that you are drifting away, you can use this technology. Now listen to: how to calm down in less than 3 minutes.

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4. Spread your thoughts. The anxiety and stress that may happen in the future can overcome the present moment, which really puts you in a dilemma. To solve this problem, Julianne Schroeder, a licensed consultant, suggests trying a technique she calls "mind diffusion," in which you train your mind to stop judging negative thoughts. "

" for example, when you are ready to make an important statement and find yourself almost in a state of panic, you may say to yourself: "thank you, anxious mind." "I appreciate your concern for my work, but fear doesn't help me," she said. When you turn your attention back to the present, you may have to repeat the emotion until your attention is rooted in the present. "

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yoga is an incredible concentration practice that can help you get out of your mind and into your body. " In addition to developing a sense of the moment, continuous practice helps to re plan your body and brain's physical and emotional response to stress, "said Julianne Schroeder, a consultant. But you don't need to spend an hour in class to get the benefits of yoga. Schroeder suggests that when you feel the things in front of you are disappearing, try two key fixed positions: lie down, put your legs on the wall, or do a basic sequence of sun salutes to immediately change your focus.

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6. Make a call and pause. It's a good way to run in yourself by spending time alone to charge the battery. But not everyone has enough time in a week to do that. However, Michelle Robin, a health masseuse, suggests that if you pause before starting a new task or one day of the day, you can still find peace now. "If you're in a hurry to a meeting, stop outside the door and take a breath or two before you go in," she says. Before you have dinner at the table after a busy day, stop and take a deep breath, let go of your time, and be present while preparing food for your family. "It will bring you back to the present so you can focus on activities or prepare food for your family."

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No.7. Set reminders. Although we try our best, it's easy to forget to stay in the moment. So, instead of trying to make your wandering mind smarter, think of ways to remind yourself, advises Madeleine calberson, a qualified Yoga coach and comprehensive life coach. "

" set reminders on your phone. "You can use a soft ring tone to remind yourself to come back to the moment," she said. Some of the questions she uses are, "how is the quality of your breathing?" What makes you smile now? " What do you appreciate now? " Use these methods or create your own to make your life more fulfilling in the moment.

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8. Start practicing gratitude. It helps you remember the things that are meaningful and important to you. " Julianne Schroeder, a licensed consultant, said: "find three things you should be grateful for every day, which can be as simple as having a good coffee or noticing the traffic on the way to work. Gratitude doesn't just make youOur awareness has shifted to the present, and it allows you to practice gratitude constantly, which will help improve your mental health over time. Encourage you to learn from each experience.

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9. Shut yourself out. Julianne Schroeder, a chartered consultant, says that being in nature can both lift your spirits and make you feel more focused. If you haven't made time to go out, start incorporating walking meditation into your day. " Standing on the ground, pay attention to the feeling of the body. Start at the bottom of your foot, work up, and when you realize it, relax all parts of your body, "she said. Start walking slowly, paying attention to your surroundings and what you see, hear, smell and feel. At the end of the walk, Schroeder says, you can sit on a piece of grass and get your body smoother. Pay close attention to the feeling of sunshine, wind and grass on your feet and skin.

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10. Write down. Writing down your thoughts helps clear your mind and lead you closer to the present. " "You can find diaries with tips or free writing," says Julian Schroeder, a registered consultant. Allowing yourself to identify current thoughts and feelings can help you see clearly if there are action-based steps that can help you. " Even if you are not a writer, you can let yourself write the pen on the paper freely without judgment. It is also a kind of beneficial emotional release to focus your attention on the current events. What do you think of Peshkov / iStock / gettyimages? How do you keep the status quo in your life? Can staying in the present make you happier? What is the biggest challenge to stay in the moment? Please let us know in the comments!

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