Seven of the healthiest ways to deal with Breakups


in fact, there is no subtle saying: breaking up is bad. Feel like you've lost a part of yourself. You must have lost the one you're looking forward to dinner with or crazy weekend watching Netflix. It's not much fun. But when it comes to moving forward, according to a 2017 study in the Journal of neuroscience, you can cheat yourself, get rid of your ex boyfriend's troubles faster, and get your heart back to normal in the future. This pretending until you do it can soften the post breakup period and help you reach an agreement rather than (too much) indulgence. Here are seven expert approved actions you can take.

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1. Let it all out and give yourself a space to mourn the end of the relationship. Really sit in your emotions and make yourself cry, angry, crazy - anything will happen. " "Allow yourself to scream and be angry," says love expert Audrey hope. Find a place to let go of grief: your bathroom, your closet, your backyard. You will release the storage box of contradictory emotions, and eventually you will empty all emotions and feel the integrity again. " She explained that people feel heartache because they try to rationalize their emotions or package them. Instead, express what you need to express, then take a bath and go to bed early.

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2. Breaking social relationships

when you see your ex on Facebook, instagram and snapchat feeds, you can't move on. (or, to be honest, when you're tracking his or her page late at night.) Either make an agreement with yourself to suspend social media, or break up with your ex girlfriend, or with him or her, "when you continue to track your ex on social media, you risk hurting yourself again and again, which delays the treatment process," said Jennifer Spalding, the leader and relationship coach. She also recommends filtering your social media to show positive images, memories and exciting news. " "You'll be surprised to see that over time, small, positive drivers become big drivers," she said. Now listen to me:

why the obsession with happiness in the United States is completely stressful. " "Clearing your family's painful memories is a big step toward a happier future," said relationship coach Jennifer Spalding. Pack the gifts your ex gave you, then donate them, throw away the cards and letters he or she wrote to you, and return anything he or she left to you, so you don't have to read them every day. " If you need to return things to your ex boyfriend, I suggest you throw them in the mailbox or put them at the door. If you have to exchange items in person, keep meetings and conversations short. This is not the time to reorganize the relationship. "

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4. Relationship expert Audrey hope suggests doing more exercise or boxing. "The external movement of the body is a great release for the internal sense that is locked in," she said. It makes you feel strong, which is often the opposite of what you feel after a breakup. As a reward, your body also benefits from exercise, so you look and feel great.

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5. According to Lori salkin, the matchmaker and dating coach, the hardest thing to break up is to believe that the reason you and your ex don't work is because you have problems. Take the time to remember how great it is to be with your family or friends to validate you, your goals and values. Or try to read a book, or see a speaker with a strong and positive message. " "The sooner you can remember how amazing you are, the sooner you stop feeling depressed and experience the normal health stages from sadness to madness to letting go," Sarkin said. Don't talk about your ex. "It's like you want to reduce sugar or caffeine from your diet," says dating coach Lori Sarkin. You don't sit there all day baking cookies and going to Starbucks. Even if you think about him or her, at least your conversation won't continue to revolve around your ex.

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7. Once you give yourself a little time to "go all out" (see slide 1), go back to the dating pool even if you think you're not quite ready to find love again. "Whether you're home for a pint of ice cream or not, it's the best way to move on as soon as you get out and meet someone else," dating coach Lori Sarkin said. At least outwardly, you will let yourself go as fast as possible, and inwardly, you may still feel sad for this relationship. You may meet a great person, and he or she is the one you want to get rid of.

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What do you think? Have you broken up yet? Are you dealing with one thing now? How do you deal with it? Do you give yourself time to indulge or do you try to distract yourself? Is this list helpful? Share your story and feedback in the comments below!

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