Boxing vs. Bodybuilding


Boxers and bodybuilders embody many characteristics of elite sports, including endurance, strength and coordination. However, the two sports are different in many ways. Boxers and bodybuilders are trained for different purposes, which means special training and specific progress measurement. Of course, boxers benefit from agile training from weightlifting and bodybuilding, so these two activities are not completely isolated. There are many differences between boxing and bodybuilding. By definition, bodybuilding is a cosmetic sport, according to Tom Vento, the gym owner and personal trainer. Bodybuilders are judged by their aesthetic performance, not by their technique. For bodybuilders, weightlifting training and exercise regulation is a means to obtain specific body components, rather than to improve performance. On the other hand, boxers train to fight. Their training focuses on improving their skills and performance so that they can beat their opponents in functional competitions, not cosmetic ones. Boxers run, practice spar and do other exercises to perform better. Boxing can improve physical fitness, but it is not the goal of sports. The purpose of bodybuilders is to increase muscle mass. They lift weights in small repetitions to create large, symmetrical muscles. According to Ross enaait, a personal trainer, bodybuilders don't have to care about function because the focus is on aesthetic performance, not performance. On the other hand, boxers build muscle clarity through high repetition and low load. When bodybuilders increase their maximum strength, boxers focus on explosiveness and reaction intensity. Muscle volume suppresses flexibility, agility and speed of boxers and 39 athletes, but lean muscles support offensive and defensive tactics. The boxers performed a lot of cardiovascular regulation. A competitive boxing match requires 12 to 3 minutes of constant movement, both of which have an impact on the lungs and muscles. Jamie hale, a fitness and nutrition consultant, suggests that most boxing training is for individuals to survive the competition. Pads, heavy bags, boxing, rope skipping and track training all imitate the various movements and techniques required in the ring, while testing the overall physical strength and muscle endurance. For bodybuilders, cardiovascular regulation reduces the percentage of body fat and makes muscles more obvious. It can't improve the results of the competition, so it's not the focus of training either. In fact, most bodybuilders limit running or similar activities to reduce the risk of muscle loss. There is a big difference between boxing and fitness in weight management. Although both sports include weight level competitions, the reasons for these divisions are different. Bodybuilders compete with athletes of the same size to establish a comparative standard. Boxers compete at the weight level to ensure fair fighting and prevent serious injuries. They usually focus on weight loss and getting into a lower division of labor, while bodybuilders aim to get as much muscle as possible, because their body composition and genetics allow. In both cases, proper nutrition is important. However, bodybuilders burn extra calories to support muscle growth, while boxers limit their diet before the game to promote weight maintenance or even weight loss.